Bulldog Fryers Gallery

Bespoke fryers installed on site or ready to be shipped all over the world

Bulldog 2000/400 Fryer

  • Bulldog fryer
  • 2000/400 frying size
  • Fitted with snack belt
  • Chain hoist canopy
  • Fire suppression pipe
  • Filtration
  • Oil circulation pump
  • Low density heating elements
  • Fully Separate safety system
  • Separate drives for top and bottom belt
  • Simply the best fryer on the market
  • We will beat any price on a like for like basis
  • Finance available

Bulldog 3400/600 Fryer

  • Electric fryer fitted with full electric 4 point hoist
  • Teflon Infeed
  • Sediment removal
  • Rotary filter system
  • Good system for high crumb/batter loss

Bulldog 3600/600 Electric Fryer installed in a UK factory

  • Machine has 2 point electric hoist
  • Teflon Infeed
  • Bulldog fryers have class leading cleaning. What ever canopy lifting option you go for, all the components in the fryer are lifted in one go, the canopy lifts, followed by the top belt, then the bottom belt. The elements and the sediment removal system all suspended in the air for ease of cleaning
  • The fryers can also be fitted with a CIP (clean in place) pipe and nozzle system

Bulldog 3600/600 Fryer with Teflon

  • Bulldog 3000/600 fryer with Teflon
  • Sediment removal
  • Electric hoists
  • Fire suppression pipe
  • Full colour graphic display
  • Made by us in the Uk

Bulldog 1500/200 Fryer

  • Ready for delivery to Europe
  • Electric heated
  • Machines can be manufactured in any length with widths being 200mm, 400mm, 600mm, 900mm, 1000mm
  • We can also do custom widths on application
  • All machines are built to required voltage

Bulldog 3500/600 Electric Fryer

  • Installed in a factory in London UK
  • Electric power
  • 4 point electric hydraulic hoist system
  • Ramped infeed belt for smooth product transfer on to belt

Bulldog 3200/600 Fryer ready for shipping to Canada

  • Ready for delivery to Canada
  • All machines are built to required voltage

Bulldog 3000/600 Thermal Oil Fryer

Bulldog 3000/600, fitted with chain hoists, powered by thermal oil, single drive top and bottom belts

Bulldog 5200/600 Thermal Oil Fryer fitted in a factory in the USA

  • A custom made Bulldog 5200 600 thermal oil fryer fitted in a factory in the USA.
  • Built to the customers exact requirements
  • All fryers are built to required voltage

Bulldog 3000/600 Electric Fryer

  • Bulldog 3000/600 electric fryer
  • Electric powered
  • Fitted with manual hydraulic 4 point hoist
  • Centre flue outlet
  • Flues can be fitted on top or on side of canopy