Bulldog Raptor Flaker

Bulldog Raptor Flaker

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  • The Bulldog Raptor flaker is the strongest flaking machine on the market with its 25mm thick chassis, powerful twin ram system with twin guided ram.

  • Fitted with a hardened cutting set it certainly lives up to its Raptor name.
  • Class leading Solid stainless bearings housings
  • Class leading dual push rams for twice the power of other flakers
  • Class leading twin ram guides with twin linear bearings for smooth traversing, eliminates any bending and sticking of the ram
  • Super hardened blades for extra cutting time between sharpening
  • Solid stainless 10mm thick cutting assembly no bending, cracking or warping
  • Class leading solid stainless 25mm plate sides eliminates any cracking, warping and chassis twisting under harsh environments 

  • We think it is also be the most affordable on the market.

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ModelRaptor Flaker