There are a number of challenges that food manufacturing companies are facing in these difficult times. Not mentioning the dreaded Brexit word!! But buying the best fryer you can afford shouldn’t be one of them.

Here’s why:

  • Unlike in other industries, the weight, shape and size of ingredients are not uniform. This means that it can be difficult to fit into food machinery. Machines will either need to be able to adapt to unusual shapes and sizes. Our Bulldog fryers can be built to any size, specification and voltage required. They are built to your exact requirements using quality parts and components, which means that your investment can be kept to a minimum.

  • Due to the laws about food hygiene, any food machinery must be easy to clean. Some machines can be complicated to take apart, clean and put together again, so this must be taken into account. Some parts of machines are also not suitable to be washed down with water or certain chemicals, making it even more complicated to clean. All our fryers are made so that they can easily be cleaned. Many food factories, need there machinery to adapt to different lines so easy clean fryers cut down on the time required to change product line therefore being more cost effective.

  • We are constantly looking at and using the latest technology to reduce the cost to the customer of using our fryers. Bulldog fryer belts are all stainless steel and incorporate our own design heating elements which are fitted between the belts not underneath as on most fryers, this lowers the height of the oil which means less waste oil potentially giving huge savings


  • We have experts on hand to help you with any queries you might have regarding the purchase of your brand new Bulldog Fryer. Between them they have over 60 years of experience in the industry so you can be assured of buying the correct fryer for your needs.